Breast Shape Rejuvenation - Implants

Breast Enlargement “Augmentation Mammoplasty” – Breast enlargement, also called augmentation mammoplasty, can increase the size of smaller, undeveloped breasts and also restore your breast volume when it decreases as a result of having children.


Most women who have their breasts enlarged receive saline-filled implants because they are approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Silicone implants can also be used in situations where problems exist or have been created through previous augmentation surgeries or for reconstructions following breast cancer.


In our office Dr. Terino places the incision within the lower edge of your areola (the pigmented skin surrounding your nipple). This produces the least visible and nearly invisible scar. A pocket is created for the implant behind your breast and between the muscle and your chest wall. Rarely it may be indicated to place implants from underneath the breast. Following surgery, you will briefly wear a wrap-around elastic dressing and in several days start using a sports bra. There will be some swelling and perhaps minimal discoloration that will gradually disappear. You should not engage in vigorous activities, especially raising your arms for up to two weeks. You can return to work within a week. Full vigorous exercise and sports activities can be resumed at four weeks.


There is a great deal of scientific evidence supporting the long-term safety of breast implants. During your consultation, Dr. Terino will discuss with you the known possible problems associated with implants, as well as your specific desires regarding shape and size. Be prepared by choosing magazine images that demonstrate your “do’s and don’ts, as well as your “ideal scene.”


If you are in the appropriate age group for mammographic screening, having breast implants will not change your recommended exam schedule. The presence of breast implants requires modified mammographic techniques and additional x-ray views that are well known and understood by the majority of radiology centers.


Following surgery, your breasts will be fuller and more attractive. You will feel more self-confident about your appearance.




The goal and purpose of aesthetic plastic surgery is to improve a person's feelings about themselves by surgically changing their physical body. Imitating Mother Nature is of primary importance in achieving successful surgical results. This is equally true whether we operate on faces or on figures.


The ultimate ideal is a natural appearing breast, which is soft, shapely and moves in a completely harmonious way when lying down, sitting up, walking or running. Beautiful natural appearing breasts are rare in Mother Nature and occur mainly only in very young females.


Childbearing as well bodily aging negatively affects female breasts. Weight loss and weight gain also deteriorates breast size and shape by stretching the skin of the breast and shrinking the volume and mass of the breast tissue.


Natural asymmetry of breasts is nearly universal. These asymmetries vary from minor to major differences of size and shape.


My role as an aesthetic breast surgeon is to take into account all of these factors, in order to select the correct method to augment a patient's breasts that will fulfill their individual needs. This includes the type of implant, and the adjustment of the space size underneath the breast, a necessary step to allow an artificial implant to have a natural and aesthetic flowing form.


Compensating for God-given asymmetries is one of the most difficult tasks for the plastic surgeon and one, which often will not result in perfectly equal breasts because of the limitations of the patient's body tissues.


Breast augmentation using implants started in the 1970s, producing a radical cultural change in our society. An augmented breast is now often thought to be more desirable than a softer natural somewhat flatter, and tear drop shaped breast. Patients vary widely in their ideas about breast beauty and their wishes for size and shape.


My most important job is to satisfy the patients' fantasy. Therefore I have to know the following:


1) all the various implant types and sizes


2) how to create the necessary internal environment for the implant to fit properly to produce the shape and size desired by the individual patient.


3). What specific size and shape a patient wishes to acquire. Therefore they must supply me with photographic examples.


In summary, my philosophy is to assist my patients to achieve their own personal aesthetic goals for their breasts.


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