Dr Terino's Unique "IN-STYLE" Lift

Gravity, the force pulling each of us towards the center of the Earth, will, in time, catch all of us. The most visible signs of the ravages of gravity and time are seen in our faces, particularly in sunken cheeks and nasolabial folds (creases between the nose and mouth) appearing between the nose and the cheek-in an area known as the mid-face. If you thought you had to live with this, or if a full facelift seems too extreme, there is another alternative.


According to Dr. Terino, a board certified plastic surgeon and the Medical Director of the Plastic Surgery Institute of Southern California, if you have sagging cheeks but no jowls or banding of the neck, a mid-face lift may be the best solution. Dr. Terino also advises that most persons opting for a mid-face lift are addressing deep marionette lines (the line running from the corner of your mouth down to the chin or jaw bone) or nasolabial folds.


A mid-face lift is a procedure whose main goal is to tighten the soft tissues (primarily fat) of the cheek in an effort to restore a youthful lower eyelid to cheek continuity. There are two typical ways tighten the mid-face region, either laterally (traditional) or vertically . Because of the focus on just the mid-face area and the reduction in the number and size of the incisions, lateral mid-face lifts are an effective, long-term alternative to injectables. The same can be said of its vertical alternative.


Unlike its traditional lateral counterpart, the vertical lift is performed through incisions made to provide greater upward lift to cheek skin, fat and muscle. In providing this vertical lift to the mid-face, this procedure compensates for the affects of gravity's downward pull by returning your face to its more youthful state. Yet as effective as these techniques are, they are not the only procedures Dr. Terino has at his disposal.


Dr. Terino is not only the Medical Director of the Plastic Surgery Institute of Southern California and a board certified plastic surgeon, but he is also as an innovator in the specialized techniques of three-dimensional facial contouring. He is one of the few pioneers to develop the latest upper and mid-face vertical lifting and suspension technology, which he calls SOMME Lift. SOMME stands for SubOrbital (under the eye) Mimetic Muscle (those that cause facial expression) Elevation. The elevation, a primary component, is achieved by lifting all the tissues of the upper and mid-face that have sagged and drooped from affects of gravity over time.


The SOMME lift counteracts all the significant aging changes which concern patients, even in young age groups. The SOMME lift differs from the standard vertical lift in that the incisions are smaller, placed differently than in either a standard facelift or a mid-face lift, and the results are greater across the entire scope of your face. As a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Terino evaluates your specific characteristics and aesthetic goals to determine whether a standard or vertical mid-face lift or the SOMME lift is right for you.


Your lower eyelids, cheeks and mouth do not have to age you beyond your years, outlook, and attitude. You are invited to contact or call Dr. Terino at 818-991-6226 and arrange for your consultation today. Gravity cannot diminish your outlook or attitude, why should it diminish your appearance. Call Dr. Terino today.


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