Facial Contouring -  Cheeks, Chin, Jawline

Facial Contouring and using unique anatomically styled implants for the cheeks, chin and jawline region are the super sub-specialized procedures which have given Dr. Terino both national and international recognition.


Dr. Terino creatively customizes each operation from a combination of his own personal methods of evaluating the aesthetic needs of a patient's face to achieve harmony and balance as well as by using his publicly acclaimed and patented special design facial implants.


The contours of your face may be enhanced by a variety of techniques. Chin augmentation, also called genioplasty or mentoplasty, strengthens the appearance of a receding chin by increasing its size and projection. Similarly, the cheek bones can be made fuller, creating a more sculpted look by using implants. Facial implants provide a permanent and predictable result. Sometimes fat may be injected into specific areas to restore a more youthful fullness to your face. However, treatment with fat injections often need to be repeated to maintain improvement and smoothness of contour in the area of injections is less predictable.


The goal of chin augmentation is to improve your profile by creating a better balance between your chin and other facial features. Increasing the projection of your chin will not affect your bite, jaw function, speech, or dental relationships. There are two approaches for adding prominence and contour to your chin. One is performed through an incision inside the mouth. A more common approach involves insertion of a chin implant through a small incision underneath your chin. The latter approach usually leaves only a faint scar that is barely visible underneath the chin. The under the chin approach is often necessary because of the need to remove fat or tighten or sculpture muscles in patients with aging changes of the neck or who inherit a weak chin and jawline.


To permit proper healing following chin augmentation, you may be placed on a liquid diet for a day or two.


Augmentation of your cheekbones is achieved by placing one of Dr. Terino's specially designed implants over them. The procedure usually is performed through an incision inside the mouth but it may also be done through a lower eyelid approach.


After a chin or cheek augmentation which requires only about one hour, you will be up and about the same day, but your activities will be reduced from a few days to one week.After surgery, your face will have a more attractive balance and more pleasing contours.


Dr. Terino's facial contouring procedures and implant surgeries are the subject of his 350 page medical textbook for plastic surgeons, "The Art of Alloplastic Facial Contouring". He has also been requested to present his work in this field in no less than 15 book chapters and over 100 talks at both national and international plastic surgery meetings.

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