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You feel young, vibrant, energetic and full of life. But the skin on your face is making you look aged and tired. Sun exposure, crow's feet, brown spots or blotches on your skin color, fine wrinkles on your upper eyelids, or scars, any of these individually or in combination can cause the skin on your face to present older than you are or feel. If you thought this is just an inevitable fact of aging, Dr. Edward Terino, a board certified plastic surgeon and Medical Director of the Southern California Institute of Plastic Surgery, asks you to think again.


Skin resurfacing by Dr. Terino offers you the chance to return your wrinkles, blotches, scars or sun exposed skin back to a state of youthful radiance. Dr. Terino offers a full menu of skin resurfacing procedures designed to have your skin reflect the youthful energy you exude.


Skin resurfacing actually denotes an entire set of procedures that are best performed by board certified plastic surgeons, like Dr. Terino. Though there are a number of procedures considered skin resurfacing, skin resurfacing fundamentally is the controlled destruction injury of the skin so that as it heals "good" new tissue forms in the place of the old. The advantage of skin resurfacing is that with these techniques you may need only a single procedure rather than the series of treatments commonly recommended for milder skin rejuvenation techniques. A consultation with Dr. Terino, Medical Director of the Southern California Institute of Plastic Surgery, can help determine whether, or what kind of, resurfacing treatment is appropriate for your skin type, general health and aesthetic goals.


Two of the skin resurfacing used by Dr. Terino, a board certified plastic surgeon, are chemical peels and dermabrasion. Chemical peels, as its name suggests, uses chemicals to smooth the texture of your skin by removing the damaged outer layers. Chemical peels containing Phenol or Trichloracidic Acid (TCA) may be used on your entire face (avoiding your eyes, eyebrows and lips), or only on a limited area, such as the lines around your mouth. TCA has less bleaching potential than phenol and often is recommended for patients with darker complexions. TCA can be applied to your neck, upper chest and other areas of skin damaged by sun exposure. Phenol is typically recommended for patients with fair skin, as variations in the phenol formula can create a milder solution for broader and safer use.


Then there is dermabrasion. Dermabrasion uses a small rapidly spinning wheel with a roughened surface similar to a fine grained sand paper to abrade the skin, removing its upper layers. This resurfacing technique is often used for the treatment of facial scars and for the wrinkles around the mouth and chin. The treated areas blend well with the surrounding skin so there is usually little, if any, noticeable difference in pigmentation.


So if the skin on your face does not display your youth and vitality, let Dr. Terino help. We invite you to contact or call Dr. Terino at 818-991-6226 and set-up your consultation today. There is no reason for not to look and feel your best today.

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