Neck Lift / Neck Contouring

Your face projects an image youth, vitality and attractiveness. But if the area directly under your jaw-line or your neck exhibits lose or sagging skin or excess fat deposits, they can give your entire face an appearance that makes you look less vital and attractive. Commonly, these symptoms are known as jowls, double chin, or turkey wattle. You don't have to accept these signs of aging or genetics. If the fleshiness of your neck is uncomfortable, unattractive, or simply unwanted, then Dr. Edward Terino, a board certified plastic surgeon, has your answer.


As with any cosmetic concerns about the appearance of your neck, a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is advised. Dr. Terino is not only a board certified plastic surgeon, but Dr. Terino is also the Medical Director at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Southern California. So for any cosmetic neck problem you might have Dr. Terino will have your answer. And the answer typically given for excess sagging skin from under your jaw line and neck is a neck lift.


As a course of action, a neck lift or neck contouring is typically one of two types of procedures. The first of those procedures is a corset platysmaplasty. Here, theDr. Terino tightens the platysma muscles along the midline of the neck to enhance the angle of the neck by giving pronounced definition to the jaw line and to separate the chin from the neck.


The second of these procedures is cervicoplasty. Cervicoplasty is a procedure used to remove excess skin from the neck area. Generally, a cervicoplasty procedure re-drapes the excess and loose neck skin through hidden incisions behind the ears. However, depending on your unique physical characters and aesthetic goals, a cervicoplasty procedure can be more expansive. A consultation with Dr. Terino along with a review of your physical condition and aesthetic goals can help you determine the procedure (platysmaplasty or cervicoplasty) right for you.


If sagging skin around the jaw line and under your chin are taking years off of your appearance. Dr. Terino, Medical Director at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Southern California and a board certified plastic surgeon can return to you a more youthful and vibrant appearance with through neck contouring. Contact or call Dr. Terino at 1-(818) 991-6226 for a consultation. Let Dr. Terino, Medical Director of the Plastic Surgery Institute of Southern California and a board certified plastic surgeon, help you to look as young and vigorous as you feel. © 2013.  All rights reserved.