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"When it comes to choosing a plastic surgeon, it's hard to know where to turn. As with all physicians, personal referrals are the best place to start, but what about all those doctors-to-the-stars or procedure pioneers? Is your best friends surgeon really the best surgeon for you? Is that famous doctor a skilled artist with a scalpel or just a skilled publicity hound with a press agent? Who knows? So what follows is a considered list of doctors' names all of which have passed the closest possible inspection by the worlds pickiest experts. . .Edward Terino, M.D.: best facial implants in the business. He can sort out patients with uneven proportions, naturally and beautifully."


                                                                   -W Magazine

"Los Angeles plastic surgeon Edward Terino, M.D., encourages his patients to bring magazine pictures of movie stars or models to preoperative consultations. For a dramatic visage, he offers his signature operation: the unconventional mid-facelift. He lifts drooping corners of the mouth, upsweeps the cheeks and when requested creates almond-shaped eyes. To top off the look, he often adds silicone implants to the cheeks to give them a more exotic, youthful, or contoured effect."

"Facial implants have replaced the nip and tuck as the toast of aesthetic surgery. The breakthrough has come with what are called anatomical implants which are being used to give more pleasing contours to all sorts of faces. Dr. Terino, who is one of the US's leading facial implant surgeons, says that the implants which are shaped to fit the underlying skeleton are an add-on enhancement to nature."

                                                                                     -Vogue Magazine

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