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"Rather than lifting and trimming excess skin, some surgeons, such as Edward Terino, a Southern California surgeon who has designed several innovative facial implants, insist that in many cases restructuring the face can help a person age more gracefully by replacing lost soft tissue with cheek implants, strengthening chins with implants, and contouring jawlines."


". . . Dr. Terino, a well-known expert in facial implants, is moving ahead with his own cheek-implant design. His model, which extends from the top of the cheekbone to the bottom of the hollow, creates higher as well as fuller cheeks. "

                                                           -Allure Magazine

“When performing implantation in the malar midface or chin and jawline, Dr. Terino performs a zonal analysis that helps him characterize the existing deficit and select the appropriate therapeutic approach.”

                                                   -Plastic Surgery Times

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