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"You could call them facial architects. They are plastic surgeons who are not content to simply nip and tuck the sagging skin of their age-conscious clientele. Instead, they seek to rebuild and realign faces that have lost the firm contours, the strong chins, the high cheekbones of youth. Enter the new breed of "sculptors," Edward Terino, M.D., director of the Plastic Surgery Institute and designer of one of the latest in cheekbone implants, who explains that 'the natural process of aging causes our faces to lose some of their structure. Just pulling the skin tight as we do in a facelift does not solve the underlying problem.'"

                                                    -Longevity Magazine

"According to Dr. Edward Terino, Los Angeles based plastic surgeon, most of us can benefit from good cosmetic surgery. He has developed what he calls "restructuring of the face." He inserts implants in cheeks, jaws and chins because, as he puts it, 'there is only so much you can do with a nose and the other important architectural elements of a face are the cheeks and jawline.'"


                                                               -Elle Magazine

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