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contouring techniques emphasize three dimensional changes of the face which can only be compared to the art of sculpture. He holds patents on his anatomically designed cheek and chin implants which are universally utilized by plastic surgeon's internationally.

Dr. Terino Awarded Traveling Professor


The World's most prestigious and exclusive 1,600 member American Society of Aesthetic Plastice Surgery recently appointed Dr. Terino to a two-year term of traveling professor. This honor is given only to those who have consistently demonstrated creative, innovative concepts and techniques considered valuable for the members to learn.


During his two-year tenure, Dr. Terino will be invited by universities and regional plastic surgery societies throughout the United Stated as well as abroad. He will be presenting lectures about his 25 years  of  experience  with  his   state-of-the-art   cosmetic   surgery   procedures.    Dr.  Terino's  facial © 2013.  All rights reserved.