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The Art of Alloplastic Facial Contouring


“I am pleased and honored to introduce Dr. Edward Terino’s new book, The Art of Alloplastic Facial Contouring.

I have known Ed for the past twenty-five years and have long admired his intensity of interest in the subject of facial contouring. His judgment and ability as a surgeon have been matched with his sense as a sculptor to make him a true artist at altering the appearance of the facial skeleton.

In addition,  his  talents as an innovator  and  scientist have produced  a  number  of  Terino  design

implants that are available to surgeons and patients around the world.

I am sure that for the past quarter century, whenever the subject of facial implants needed expert coverage, Ed Terino has immediately been thought of by every plastic surgery program or symposia organizer.”

Sherrell J. Aston, M.D. Past President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Current Member Board of Trustees American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Chairman Department of Plastic Surgery Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, and Professor of Plastic Surgery New York University © 2013.  All rights reserved.